joby's The art of Healing massage

The massage therapist joby is from district kottayam in kerala.He has studied traditional ayurvedic massage in kerala since 2001 and is practicing since then is kerala,goa and ukraine, russia(st peters burg)and germany  .joby makings his own techniques .he following traditional ayurvedic massage, with deep tissue work, ayurvedic acupressure, and some various body stretching. 



I   do my work with passion and love to contribute to healing on this planet earth



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Ayurvedic massage is a deep healing process, and the combusting intention, professional knowledge and how a therapist work out of his heart makes it divine art. In short ,massage is an art,    only a skillful  person can become a good massier

 Dear joby,. Thank you so much for your heart full professional massage, that gave me a lot of healing…….is a ayurvedic consultant and a physiotherapist giving ayurvedic massage trainings. I can say, that joby is a very professional ayurvedic massage therapist, who is a traditional man from kerala, working from his heart and soul. He has magic healing hand… With love and blessing, Renate (

  Receiving many sessions According to my needs it is the most effective therapy. We have to give to the body special treatment .Joby gives exactly the acupressure points in special areas, that‘s powerful body and mind healing process

Laxmi.,   (